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Possibly the d would be a smarter choice due to being much cheaper and a little lighter. They both have the same I do like the articulating screen on this camera, which the d doesn't have. The D does have in-camera panorama stitching which I think would be cool to have, but Nikon has omitted it on this camera. It can of course be done in post, but I still would like to have it in camera.

12 Month Warranty!

There are a number of creative modes available which might be fun, but I've not played around with them so can't really comment on them. I did see a video made in the "toy" mode which was kinda cute, so I might try that. I do have to say that I am quite pleased with the beautiful pictures I have taken with this amazing camera, even with my limited expertise. The quality blows away any camera I have used in the past and being able to capture something beautiful to enjoy and share is after all, the whole reason for all of it.

I am now and intend to always remain an amateur who just wants to capture the best images of life as I see it, and this camera has shown itself to be a good partner in that endeavor. I am extremely pleased with my decision to buy this camera and very happy with Amazon's customer service and promotional financing. I expect to enjoy this camera for many years to come and would recommend it to anyone trying to learn digital photography. I only wish it had a touchscreen! An Insane Value! Body Only Configuration: I got this camera as an upgrade to my beloved D so the bar was pretty high and so this review is often D vs.

I'll be frank. The D outclasses the D so substantially that it has utterly obsoleted the D Ignore those who say that the D merely provides an opportunity to pick up a D or D for a bargain price. It has changed the game. Don't bother counting pennies, this camera is underpriced at full price. Please allow me to just get into the Pros and Cons: I can't believe there is still a debate going on about the efficacy of Anti-Aliasing filter removal. I'm sorry, but the difference is so noticeable there is no debate.

And moire was a myth even on the DE, which I do also own. I guarantee you that you will find more moire in a D's or D's images than you will on the D Color and saturation from the D are exceptionally good versus ANY camera at any price point. They are actually surprisingly close at low ISO. EDIT Photographing cats a lot I am catching a little false color on shiny fur.

Nothing of concern to me though. I always leave my DE's focus point glued to Center because the AF coverage is only in the center area anyway so why bother with the other 50 AF points when they just don't cover anything? I actually do use my focus points on my D because they cover the frame pretty well.

I'd still like to see even more coverage, but vs. This is SO much better than a fixed shutter speed regardless of lens length. HUGE improvement! Sorry, this is a different league.

The improvement in the D over the D is readily noticeable. The D's i Menu being J-shaped was ridiculous and totally awkward. I never got used to it after thousands of photos. The D's standardized 2-lines-across-the-bottom Nikon style is a drastic improvement. I don't know what Nikon was thinking with that clunky expensive GP-1A.

Did anyone ever buy one? I spent a day in the country wide open clear sky with this camera outside of my normal metro town area and despite using A-GPS data, it took somewhere between minutes to get GPS lock. Surprised, disappointed. But that was the only time I have had trouble with hookup. The D does not disappoint and bests or matches its predecessors at any price point.

This could be a result of image processing more than flash performance but whatever it is, using flash is a joy, not something to dread.

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It's like a candy apple red Corvette color and it is way sexy. It is not insignificant like many reviewers dismiss it as. I like it a LOT. GPS was on from about 8: Not bad but could be better. In Manual exposure mode, the "T," or "Time" setting has returned! Lol, as if you even have one No problem. Turn your shutter speed dial all the way past seconds, past Bulb and click on into good ol' Time at the end of the dial. Press the shutter button to open shutter, let your wristwatch or phone tell you when exposure time is up and then press shutter button again to close the shutter.

Yes, seriously. How cool is that?! I miss this so much and guess what? Even my DE does not have T and the D does not either. According to the Nikon info page for the D Yes, D Not a typo , T is there but you need the ML-L3 remote to use it. I have found that focus points other than THE Center focus point are somewhat frequently inaccurate. Focus points at or near the left and right edges are rarely accurate and almost never dead-on. If you use multi-point AF tracking or regularly venture away from Center AF point, you had better experiment with different AF points at a local camera store before buying one from any store, Amazon included.

I am beginning to think my camera may be defective and will likely send it to Nikon for repair or exchange it with Amazon for a new one. Honestly, I expect this to be a performance trade-off that Nikon will not remedy. I had a chance this past weekend to use Live View in some beautifully sunlit countryside. Sorry, even with truly ideal lighting Live View is horribly slow and constantly hunting.

Don't use it for anything other than manual focus confirmation with screen zoomed for precise focusing. And focus VERY slowly as screen update time has substantial lag. I'm not really concerned about video, but this camera cannot focus worth a darn for video. It really is that bad, sorry. Well, not anymore. Hardly a nightmare but takes an extra button press and, more importantly, is ergonomically awkward and more prone to mistakes.

I like having solid clicks, but man, clicking Up, Down, Left or Right on this Multi-Controller is literally enough to wake someone up. It's also not so great in public areas as it intrudes on the conversations of neighboring tables, etc. It's really an irritating higher pitch that grabs attention. I know this complaint sounds whiny, but it truly is an intrusive noise problem. You can't upload full-resolution images to your smart device via WiFi. I wanted to have instant constant file backup via WiFi.

Perhaps it's the sheer file size but things like scrolling Picture Control modes in RAW processing is very slow relative to the D Now it's a process. And my favorite setting High takes the most clicks 3 to the left or 3 to the right to get to. Metering requires a CPU lens. The D is not a camera for sports, when rushed or in demanding conditions and you are gambling when you change away from Center AF point. Many consumer cameras like to claim performance in this fast-action realm, but no. If it's not pro gear it will suck at sports and tracking a subject.

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Always has been and likely always will be the case. I wouldn't hesitate to print 3-foot x 2-foot that is 36x the size of a 4-inch x 6-inch prints. And that would be essentially pixelation-free. See all reviews.

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Tk 55, Tk 47, Nikon camera digital slr d 24mp full hd wifi and gps Dhaka Capture and share vibrant, lifelike images. Tk 45, Nikon d Sylhet Nikon d with kit lens and one extra betray. Tk 35, Tk 31, Nikon d with complete photography mega kit Dhaka I want to sell my nikon d dslr professional photography kit with all accessories and equipment.

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