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Jeju Sauna: The Naked Truth

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Want to be humiliated? Go the Jeju Sauna - Review of JeJu Sauna, Duluth, GA - TripAdvisor

Feb Atlanta Gladiators vs Newfoundland Growlers. Thu, Feb 14, Norcross Valentine's Night Out. N Citizenship Application Assistance Program. Fri, Feb 15, The Jade Room is great for naps. It is equipped with heated jade, dry heat, and herbal therapy to increase metabolism, improve circulation, and relieve arthritis pain. During our time there, we saw people of every shape and color.

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I saw big boobs and small boobs. New boobs and old boobs. Basically, I saw a lot of boobs. But sorry fellas, women and men are divided into separate bath areas. The only time James and I saw each other were in the lobby where we paid our entrance fee and after our baths in the coed common area: This gives you access to the gender specific bath areas, which includes cold, warm, and hot pools, steam rooms, dry saunas, showers, and lockers.

There are even lounge chairs with tvs and quiet sleeping rooms with mats. This may sound a bit odd, but think about it: Additional spa services are a la carte. James and I both opted to get a body scrub and massage. Once in the locker area, I grabbed a couple of towels, found my locker, and stripped right down to my birthday suit.

Disgusting rolls of dead skin magically slough off. Rolls, people. There are different packages with varying degrees of aromatic oils and length of service. After your bath time, rendezvous in the common area in one of their seven purifying rooms, which range from the Charcoal Saunas to the Jewel Sauna. Descriptions with healing attributes are posted outside the Saunas and each of them vary in composition and temperature. At this point she asked our friend to leave immediately, and the other three in the group including me and a small child were told to leave since we were all together.

Somewhere in all this Diane, the manager became involved. We did nothing to warrant this mistreatment by Jeju. Further, and the most disgusting part, security was called and a male security person by the name of Tony entered the locker room. I was nude as well as one of my friends! I asked him to leave that we were naked and he said I could not tell him where he could go.

This was very humiliating to experience. This whole disgusting event was totally uncalled for and highly embarrassing and stressful for all us attending. I am considering legal action. There was a purposeful invasion of privacy when the spa allowed a male to enter the locker room with naked females present. It was beyond embarrassing. We all paid for 24 hours and were told we would not get a refund. Diane was laughing when we left but believe me there was nothing to laugh at. I question her ability and skills to manage this establishment properly. So if you want to possibly be humiliated beyond reason then go to this spa which is run by highly unreasonable people.

This is not how we do business in America. We expect to be heard, and a modicum of respect. I wish everyone would protest this place and boycott participation in their business. Very Very Upset More. I had been hearing great things about Jeju Sauna. After contemplating going for over a year, I finally set out to have the experience.

Until you experience Jeju for yourself, everything you've heard does not give it justice. I was really impressed with the establishment's cleanliness and customer service. I utilizedthe hot tub, warm tub and a little of the cold tub. I tried the different saunas, got a body scrub and the hip bath. I spent 6 hours there and could have stayed even longer. I did not try the food court, but will try it on my next trip. I absolutely LOVE this place!!! THis is a most do. It is a great place to relax. You can get massages, body scrubs, steam rooms, and your nails and toes done.

There is also a pool and gym if you would like to work out.

I have been going to there for a while and have never left unhappy. Even though I have moved out of the area recently I still go back when ever I am in town.

I've been to Jeju twice. Once last year and again this year. I love the environment, the only thing is, it is becoming more crowded. Everyone must understand on going for the first time, in the women's spa area, it is completely nude. If you are uncomfortable about that Everyone is nude and there are all different types of body types, and trust Everytime I go, I enjoy a body scrub and massage.

However I have learned, that you may want to get thoses services first, because the wait could be a hour. On this trip I tried the hip bath, which is good for women's health, its great for afterbirth care, cramps and vaginal "tightening". It felt nice in the beginning The woman can adjust the heat, so don't let my dramatics stop you from trying.

EVER part, so don't be shy. I rub down was nice and the facial was great.

My skin feels amazing each time I leave. The sauna were rejuvenating and the pools were good for my muscles even the cold pool. The common area is where men and women can be together and clothes are required there. It is nice, the tile is heated, especially since shoes aren't allowed. The people are friendly and everyone tend to wind down around 2 am because people are starting to get some shut eye.

Did I mention the spa is 24 hours and you can sleep over night.