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Which is the right ticket for me? Great place to stay, lots to do and vibrant atmosphere. As a vegetarian, I appreciate the non-meat dishes prepared as part of the varied buffet style evening meals, which are always …. May Kkemna13 wrote a review. Nice place with friendly and personal touch. We just spent one week in Zorbas, and it was a pleasant surprise! Apr Perfect place to watch the sunset. We were looking for a bar where we could watch the sun set and came across this oasis of calm and tranquility. The owner welcomed us like long time friends and served chilled local wine whilst telling us about this lovely place.

Quests can enjoy adventurous activities or just …. April Amazing sandy beach at Zorbas Returning to Zorbas a year later, surprise,a sandy beach with free sunbeds and umbrellas and beach service! June Previous Next 1 2 3 4 5. Album Categories. Milko M posted a photo. Ludie F posted a photo.

Strand voor de deur. Oct Previous Next 1 2. MinsterSheppey asked a question. Jet asked a question. Feb 1. Google Translation. Answer from ankyvandenberg Jan Answer from zjesti2. Feb Sandra V wrote a room tip. Read full review. Sep Approval of restructuring and capitalisation plans of Spanish banking groups and information for holders of preference shares. Monte Paschi scandal: Determination of intellectual property right status.

Criteria for including trademark rights in list of intellectual property rights. Criteria for including rights related to copyright in list of IPRs. Criteria for including sui generis rights of database makers in list of intellectual property rights. Criteria for including the rights of the creator of the topographies of a semiconductor product in list of IPRs.

Criteria for including trademark rights in list of IPRs. Criteria for including design rights in list of IPRs. Criteria for including patent rights, including rights derived from supplementary protection certificates, in list of IPRs. Criteria for including geographical indications in list of IPRs. Criteria for including utility model rights in list of intellectual property rights. Criteria for including trade names, in so far as these are protected as exclusive property rights in the national law concerned, in lists of intellectual property rights IPRs.

Criteria for including plant variety rights in lists of intellectual property rights IPRs. Criteria for including copyright in lists of intellectual property rights IPRs. IP tracking, a practice which is contrary to consumers' interests. Selective negotiating efforts for qualifying industrial zones in Ukraine. Review of current arrangements with Iran in light of humanitarian concerns. Pan-EU rail market and steps to encourage stakeholders to embrace potential changes. Improving the state of groundwater bodies across Europe.

Promotion and expansion of European Heritage Days. EU emissions trading scheme and the USA. EU efforts to address global match-fixing. Cross-border university study programmes. Continuation of Erasmus and its potential expansion. Commission strategies for better management of urban waste water treatment. Commission proposals aimed at offering guarantees to young people. Commission monitoring methods for goods and services paid in cash. Have any Member States negotiated derogations on the inclusion of nappies in the reduced VAT rate band, i.

If so, which Member States? The Commission confirms that in an infringement procedure was launched against the Czech Republic on account of its applying a reduced VAT rate to infants' diapers. By contrast, infants' diapers do not fall within that Category because they are worn by all infants, sick or healthy, and are as a general rule unrelated to any health disorder or illness of the child.

If the serious crisis affecting Guinea-Bissau is to be resolved, it is important to return to constitutional order and hold legislative and presidential elections. According to the United Nations Secretary-General's special representative, all the signs are that it will not be possible to hold elections in line with the schedule previously announced, and many steps still need to be taken on the ground, in addition to the technical and administrative aspects, in order to ensure that elections can be conducted transparently and in accordance with the rules. If so, does the Commission have any plans to address this issue?

If it is not the case, will the Commission consider giving guidance to retailers and manufacturers as to their obligations? The cost of the return may however need to be borne by the customer. European Consumer Centres, co-financed by the European Commission, can advise customers who have an issue with a trader located in another EU country, Norway or Iceland on how to proceed in such cases.

The list of ECCs can be founded at http: Furthermore, the Commission will soon launch a European awareness-raising campaign to inform not only consumers, but also traders also about their rights and duties under EU consumer law, including on the legal guarantee. Uso indebido de poder corporativo por parte del Estado. The information currently in the possession of the Commission does not indicate the existence of an infringement. Based on this information provided, there appears to be no grounds to pursue this matter.

The specific timing and sequence of this divestment process involves commercially sensitive business secrets of the BFA Group.

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Disclosure of the information requested would undermine the protection of the company's commercial interests, as putting this information in the public domain would affect its competitive and negotiating position on the market. Altro scandalo di fondi europei percepiti dalla mafia. Di conseguenza, la Commissione rinvia alle risposte fornite alle richiamate interrogazioni scritte, e non ha niente di nuovo da aggiungere. This would not have been possible without the disgraceful and disgusting support of politicians and bureaucrats.

The Commission therefore refers to its respective answers given to the questions quoted, and has nothing new to add. A lack of physical activity has detrimental effects not only on the health of individuals, but also on health systems and the economy at large, because of the significant direct and indirect economic costs of physical inactivity.

Education plays a crucial role in preparing children for a healthy lifestyle, which has benefits for society as a whole. Can the Commission provide some information on the state of play and best practices with regard to physical education PE in the Member States, particularly as regards the regularity and mandatory nature of PE lessons throughout the schooling system, i. The EU Physical Activity Guidelines, which encourage Member States to develop cross-sectoral policies to promote health-enhancing physical activity, also call for action in the field of education.

Following the Council conclusions on the promotion of health-enhancing physical activity, the Commission is preparing a proposal for a Council Recommendation in this field. Key Data on Education in Europe Through the Lifelong Learning Programme, several transnational projects have received support to modernise curricula including for example on how to include students with a disability in mainstream physical education. The negotiations on the EU budget revealed the divergence in positions between the European Parliament and the Council.

Could the Commission specify the actual amount of payment requests received but not paid in and provide a detailed breakdown of these requests per policy area and per fund? The negotiations on the EU budget revealed the extent of the divergence between the positions of Parliament and the Council. Could the Commission provide information on the real total of payment requests received but not paid in , together with a detailed breakdown of those requests by Member State?

Could the Commission provide a detailed breakdown of the level of RALs from the beginning of the current multiannual financial framework until the end of ? Could the Commission provide a detailed breakdown of the composition of RALs, from the beginning of the current multiannual financial framework up to the end of ? The detailed breakdown of the level of RALs from the beginning of the current multiannual financial framework until the end of is shown in the annex sent directly to the Honourable Member and to Parliament's Secretariat. Given the significant accrual of RALs from previous years, could the Commission provide an estimated projection of the level and composition of RALs in each Member State for the first quarter of ?

Total outstanding commitments RAL at the end of a given financial year are the result of the implementation of a series of annual budgets in commitments and payments. Within each financial year the monthly rhythm of budget commitment and payment execution may however vary considerably. RAL figures during the year therefore cannot be compared in a meaningful way to end of year RAL figures. A projection up to the end of the first quarter would in addition have to be based on a series of assumptions. Such a breakdown by Member State is only possible for structural actions funds under shared management in Headings 1b and 2 of the Financial Framework.

Karabus hat von der Anzeige jahrelang nichts gewusst. August bei der Passkontrolle einfach festgenommen. Karabus zu helfen. Karabus bekannt; er kann allerdings zu diesem Fall nicht Stellung nehmen, da es sich bei Dr.

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In Cyril Karabus worked for four weeks in Abu Dhabi as a child oncology locum. During this time a child died on his ward. He had a stopover in Dubai where he was arrested and has been in prison ever since. Media reports say that there have been 13 hearings so far. This story is very similar to the case of the Austrian Eugen Adelsmayr; once again, medical files suddenly cannot be found. According to media reports, his lawyer does not have access to all the important documents, which makes defending him nearly impossible.

His wife, daughter and son-in-law have had to leave the country because they only had short stay visas. Many hospitals in the UAE are run by foreign doctors from around the world. Adelsmayr in the United Arab Emirates throughout, in close cooperation with the Austrian authorities. The object and purpose of the right to a fair trial is enshrined in the principle of the rule of law and essential to safeguard human rights.

Therefore, the EEAS will continue to promote observance of international humanitarian law, of fair and impartial administration of justice and of equality before the law. Furthermore, the majority of them have not received any pay for four months. When will the Commission be able to provide financial assistance to those laid off? What influence is the unrestricted importation of machines from China having on themachine market? In the future programming period the Commission will encourage the regional authorities of Podkarpackie to strengthen support for areas suffering from severe structural deficiencies.

Besides, the adaptation to change of workers, enterprises and entrepreneurs is one of the investment priorities proposed in the future ESF regulation. When, as a result of her opposition activities, she was expelled from university and started to receive threats, she decided to leave Minsk, travelling first to Poland, where she was granted political asylum, and then to Sweden. In order to escape constant harassment by law enforcement agencies, she left Belarus in the summer of The Commission is not aware of the circumstances behind the case referred to by the Honourable Member. Likewise individual return procedures are managed at national level and national authorities are obliged to check that all relevant requirements provided for in EU legislation, including respect of the principle of non-refoulement, are fulfilled.

The Commission is not an appeals body on asylum or return issues. This task is in the first place performed by national courts. As Guardian of Union law, the Commission may, however, intervene if it can be clearly demonstrated that a Member State has infringed rights accorded to individuals under Union law. The facts referred to by the Honourable Member do not contain sufficient indication that this is the case.

The Commission is therefore not in a position to take further action or to address a recommendation to the Swedish authorities. Die langfristigen Gesundheitsfolgen durch Verzehr dieses Mutanten sind bislang noch unbekannt. Der Mutantenfisch ist zudem angeblich kaum von echtem Lachs zu unterscheiden. Teilt die Kommission die Bedenken gegen mutierten Lachs? Wie kann sichergestellt werden, dass nicht alleine die Finanzkraft der Biotech-Unternehmen bestimmt, was wir in Zukunft essen werden?

Soll Fisch auch in Zukunft noch den gesunden bzw. Media reports have revealed that the USA is on the verge of presenting the world for the first time with a genetically modified fish. This is a mutated salmon, which has the potential not only to devastate wild salmon stocks, but also to endanger human health.

This biotech industry mutant is particularly dangerous because it would smooth the way for other transgenic fish and meat varieties. The biotech industry has already invested a huge amount in lobbying governments to approve their genetically modified breeding schemes. The long-term repercussions on our health of eating these mutants are still not known. What is more, these super-salmon could wipe out whole stocks of their wild cousins if one of them or their eggs were to escape into the wild.

Furthermore it seems there is practically no difference in appearance between the mutant fish and a real salmon. Does the Commission share the misgivings regarding mutated salmon?

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Will fish continue in the future to be regarded as a healthy foodstuff, or at least one which is safe to eat? What does the Commission think and how, should this be necessary, does it propose to ensure that this is so? It is now proposed that the aforementioned fish be declared safe to eat — on the basis of studies funded by the very firms that developed the genetically modified animal in the first place. In the light of this conflict of interest, does the Commission consider that any trust at all can be placed in these studies?

The European Union has set in law its own strict safety criteria for risk assessment and authorisation of GMOs, which are fully independent of third countries' authorisation procedures. Furthermore, the GMO legislation ensures that consumers are comprehensively informed on the presence of GMOs in feed and food, allowing them to make an informed purchasing choice. It is Commission policy not to comment on the internal affairs of third countries.

Could the Commission please provide details of all the mission costs of the Commissioners and Commission staff who attended the meeting in Davos? Can the Commission also please confirm the means of transport by which the Commissioners travelled to Davos, and if it was by chartered aircraft what was the justification for choosing this method over a scheduled flight? In addition, some missions were not only to Davos and back more destinations combined resulting in a higher cost. De Europese Commissie heeft aangegeven het aantal emissierechten te willen verminderen om zo kunstmatig de prijs van de emissierechten te verhogen.

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De EU wil bepalen hoeveel CO 2 bedrijven in de toekomst mogen uitstoten. Wat waren de redenen van de Commissie om af te wijken van haar oorspronkelijke positie ten opzichte van handel in emissierechten? Er is geen reden waarom het niet mogelijk zou zijn het ETS in de toekomst beter te laten werken, als de politieke wil daartoe er is.

The Commission has stated that it wishes to reduce the number of emission certificates in order to artificially raise their price. The EU wishes to determine how much CO 2 businesses may emit in future. Why has the Commission decided to abandon its original position on emissions trading? It is not expected to have dramatic effects on the carbon price, but rather to have a stabilising effect in the short term;. To this debate belongs the discussion about potential automatic stabilisation mechanisms for taking into account uncertainties such as those referred to in the question.

There is no reason why it should not be possible to make the ETS work better in the future if there is political will to do so. An economic impact assessment? Zo ja, hoe reageert de Commissie op de bevindingen van dit wetenschappelijk onderzoek? Is de Commissie het met de PVV eens dat deze methodes in acht moeten worden genomen alvorens over te gaan op dure en onrendabele investeringen in wind- en zonne-energie? Zo neen, waarom niet? De Commissie is bekend met het rapport dat in de vraag wordt vermeld.

Het gaat dan met name om bepaalde nationale steunregelingen voor hernieuwbare energie. The article indicates that greenhouse gas emissions can also be reduced by using fossil fuels more efficiently and switching from coal to gas. Does the Commission agree with the PVV that these methods should be taken into account before resorting to costly and unviable investments in wind power and solar energy? If not, why not?

The Commission is familiar with the report mentioned in the question. The key point in this debate is that EU Renewable energy policy contributes to climate policy but also diversifies and improves the security of EU energy supplies. As such, it does not contradict energy efficiency policy and targets.

There are instances where the instruments used to achieve the renewable energy targets have not been efficient, in particular certain national renewable energy support schemes. It is for this reason that the Commission is preparing guidance on such schemes, to ensure that renewable energy targets are reached as cost effectively as possible. Politica di rigore finanziario e approccio americano.

In Europa, al contrario, si prosegue nell'attuare una severa politica di rigore finanziario e di tagli alla spesa che sembra peggiorare le condizioni dell'economia, far perdere PIL ed aumentare la disoccupazione. Non ritiene il Consiglio che il perseguimento di una tale politica di rigore possa produrre effetti deleteri per l'economia europea? Come si spiega il Consiglio che il medesimo problema venga affrontato dal sistema americano in modo diametralmente opposto rispetto a quello europeo?

Con quali motivazioni si esclude che una maggiore spesa ed un innalzamento del tetto del debito possano avere conseguenze positive sull'economia europea? Non ritiene il Consiglio che il semplice vantaggio di alcuni Stati membri non sia una motivazione sufficiente per perseverare in una politica di rigore dimostratasi sinora fallimentare? L'aggiustamento di bilancio deve continuare sulla via di una strategia di risanamento differenziato favorevole alla crescita, anche in considerazione di elevati livelli di debito e di sfide a medio e lungo termine per le finanze pubbliche.

Il Consiglio non ha discusso le altre questioni sollevate dall'onorevole parlamentare. To cope with the crisis and boost its economy and employment, political agreement has been reached in the USA to raise the debt ceiling without reference to spending cuts. More funds will be available therefore to finance works, projects and purchasing which, it is assumed, will help ward off the effects of the crisis and kick-start consumption and the American economy.

The European Union, on the other hand, is pursuing a rigorous policy of financial austerity and spending cuts, which appears to be producing even worse economic conditions, falling GDP and rising unemployment. How does the Council explain the fact that the USA is tackling the very same problem in a diametrically opposed way to the EU? While some Member States may benefit from the financial austerity policy surely this alone does not constitute sufficient grounds for persevering with this policy which has thus far proved to be disastrous.

Does the Council agree? The Council also underlined that a prerequisite for growth and adjustment was to continue on the path of fiscal consolidation and structural reforms and to reverse financial fragmentation, to improve financing conditions for investors, especially in the vulnerable countries, and to encourage the inflow and efficient allocation of capital to support adjustment.

This process will begin with the completion, strengthening and implementation of the new enhanced economic governance, as well as the adoption of the Single Supervisory Mechanism and of the new rules on recovery and resolution and on deposit guarantees. This will be made possible by the establishment of a single resolution mechanism. Furthermore, the Council emphasised that sound and sustainable public finances were an essential prerequisite for market confidence and macroeconomic stability, and hence for growth.

Non ritiene la Commissione che il perseguimento di una tale politica di rigore possa produrre effetti deleteri per l'economia europea? Come si spiega la Commissione che il medesimo problema venga affrontato dal sistema americano in modo diametralmente opposto rispetto a quello europeo? Non ritiene la Commissione che il semplice vantaggio di alcuni Stati membri non sia una motivazione sufficiente per perseverare in una politica di rigore dimostratasi sinora fallimentare?

In my view, the prime reason for this financial austerity lies in the resolve of certain EU Member States which, owing to their purchase of government bonds from countries with less liquidity, are now heavily exposed and want to withdraw from this position as fast as possible. How does the Commission explain the fact that the USA is tackling the very same problem in a diametrically opposed way to the EU?

Does the Commission agree? In its Annual Growth Survey AGS , the Commission is advocating a balanced approach to ensuring fiscal sustainability, macro-financial stability and to engender sustainable growth and jobs. The Commission supports a differentiated fiscal consolidation to be implemented in such a way that it minimises negative short-term effects on growth. To restore lending to the real economy, macro-financial stability is indispensable and the turbulences in the sovereign debt market have to be contained;.

At micro level, financial repair has to continue in particular in the banking sector, but also new sources of funding have to be promoted;. Structural reforms are necessary to improve framework conditions for growth and to strengthen the adjustment capacity of our economies;. Efficient and effective public administration is necessary to implement the difficult reforms in the current challenging economic conditions.

For countries at risk of losing market access the option of delaying consolidation, let alone increasing their debt levels, does not exist. There is hence no credible alternative to a growth-friendly fiscal consolidation that is differentiated across countries, depending on their circumstances. Quest'ultima disposizione in particolare contraddice l'articolo 5, secondo cui: HRW believes this could allow judges and legislators to disregard those treaties on the pretext that they contradict the new constitution. Other worrying provisions include the following: What support, if any, is it giving to civil society groups and other relevant groups?

In addition to political dialogue, EU financial instruments are also used to support the democratic transition, in different fields, for example the reform of the judicial sector, technical and political support to the work of the National Constituent Assembly through UNDP and in which the European Parliament is also involved , provision of technical assistance and expertise through the Council of Europe.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

In line with Joint Communications on the new Neighbourhood Policy, support to civil society is a priority of EU engagement with Tunisia; civil society is increasingly involved in our political dialogue and financing to civil society is being reinforced. The UK Government is undertaking a review to assess whether it should opt out of some EU measures relating to police and judicial cooperation. The Association of Chief Police Officers in the UK has said that only 29 of the measures assist law enforcement in practice. A significant number of the measures are said to be effectively dormant and unused, while others have been overtaken and subsumed into subsequent agreements.

What steps are being taken by the Commission to review the measures with the aim of streamlining procedures, reducing unnecessary bureaucracy and ensuring that priority is attached to those shown to be of most value to the tasks of combating terrorism and fighting crime? Why was the issue of returning the wreckage raised only on the sidelines of the summit? Europees Ontwikkelingsfonds EOF tussenrapportage. In dat kader de volgende vragen:. In Zuid-Afrika ongeveer de helft. Kan de Commissie aangeven waarom dat zo is? Met andere woorden: De financiering van dit initiatief in de beide regio's en van de resterende activiteiten van het regionale programma in Zuidelijk Afrika werd in vastgelegd.

De Commissie heeft de nodige stappen ondernomen om de fondsen te gebruiken of over te hevelen naar landen die daar specifiek behoefte aan hebben in Beide initiatieven sluiten volledig aan bij het beginsel van het bevorderen van duurzame energie. This leads us to the following questions:.

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In South Africa, about half of the amount remains. Can the Commission explain why? Can the Commission explain to the taxpayer why too many funds are apparently made available to these countries, while there is an economic crisis raging at home? The financing for this initiative in both regions and the remainder of the Southern Africa regional programme were committed in For West Africa, the identified projects are currently going through the approval process. So far all these deadlines have been respected. The Commission has taken the necessary steps to absorb the funds or reallocate them to countries with special needs in the course of Both initiatives are fully in line with the principle of promoting of renewable energy.

In zijn schriftelijk antwoord op vraag nr. Een van de belangrijkste criteria om in aanmerking te komen voor begrotingssteun is de inachtneming van de subsidiabiliteitscriteria: De Commissie heeft in november besloten dat er onvoldoende vooruitgang is geboekt bij de uitvoering van het tweede strategisch programma voor armoedebestrijding PRSP en dat Guyana om die reden niet langer voldeed aan de subsidiabiliteitscriteria op het gebied van nationaal ontwikkelingsbeleid.

Have appropriate measures been adopted to prevent recurrence, and if so, what are they? The objective of this programme is to support the Guyanese national development plan. The operation is composed of fixed and variable disbursements, related to the achievement of specific targets in the areas of public financial management, health and social housing. One of the cornerstones for the provision of Budget Support is respect for the eligibility criteria: All Commission funding to Guyana and other countries is managed under the Commission's Financial Regulation which provides the necessary framework and safeguards to ensure that European taxpayers' money is properly used.

Vervolgvragen Nederlandse leges voor verblijfsvergunningen. Bij brief van In die brief wordt deze verhoging in verband gebracht met de verlaging van de leges voor gezinshereniging en de verwachting uitgesproken dat de nieuwe legestarieven medio januari van kracht zullen worden. In het arrest van Voor ieder kind moeten bij toelating de volle leges worden betaald, dus voor overkomst van drie kinderen moet EUR worden betaald.

De dialoog met de Nederlandse autoriteiten is nog aan de gang. Uit de informatie die is verstrekt, kan niet worden afgeleid wanneer de nieuwe leges van toepassing zullen worden. Op dit moment kan de Commissie de koppeling tussen de verschillende leges nog niet beoordelen aangezien de Nederlandse autoriteiten haar de nodige informatie daarover nog moeten verstrekken. The Commission has contacted the Dutch authorities to ask some clarifications on the new system of fees and the way these fees would be applied under the national legislation that has transposed the Family Reunification Directive.

The dialogue with the Dutch authorities is ongoing. From the information provided it is not clear when the new fees will be applied. The assessment of the link between different fees cannot be made at the moment, as the Dutch authorities still have to provide the Commission with the necessary information in this regard. Am Dezember verabschiedete das ungarische Parlament zwei Rechtsakte in diesem Bereich: It appears that in Hungary, national laws have been enacted recently to prevent anyone who is not a Hungarian citizen — and thus citizens of other EU Member States — leasing or purchasing land in Hungary.

If not, what is the Commission proposing to do to ensure Hungary complies with EU legislation? The Commission recalls that national legislation on the acquisition of land has to comply with EC law, in particular the provisions of the TFEU on the free movement of capital as well as the relevant jurisprudence of the CJEU.

As part of its monitoring activities in this field, the Commission is scrutinising the abovementioned Hungarian measures. Based on its assessment, the Commission will take, in due time, all appropriate steps if needed to ensure that Hungary fully respects EC law, including its commitments enshrined in the Accession Treaty. Researchers at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, have recently published a study, stating that the increasing level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has a negative effect on the protein content of wheat, and, therefore, affects the nutritional quality of the grain, with consequences for human and animal nutrition.

Can the Commission present an official point of view on this issue? The findings of researchers at Gothenburg University are indeed very interesting and deserve to be given special attention in particular in the context of policies and research for food security. The Commission does not undertake assessments of research publications and has therefore no official position on outcomes of independent research. However, sustainability and food security research need to consider the effects and interactions of environmental challenges. One of the core themes of this SRA is adapting seeds and breeds through conventional breeding and biotechnology to new combinations of environment and management: Pesticide mortel pour les abeilles: Les conclusions sont accablantes.

The Network is calling for an immediate ban on the use of all neonicotinoids in agriculture. The three highest-selling seed treatment insecticides have recently been found to be toxic to bees by EFSA. Opinions and counter-opinions have come thick and fast. Beekeepers have seen their bee colonies collapse and have been relentlessly alerting the authorities and taking legal action. Now the work of EFSA scientists could, once and for all, spell the end for this new generation of seed insecticides, which are highly prized in the agricultural sector.

The conclusions are damning. However, there are acute risks when they are used on crops that do attract bees, with rape and sunflower being obvious examples. Bees are also exposed via the dust produced by seeds or granules during sowing, and especially via exudation from treated crops, which produces tiny water droplets impregnated with pesticide. EFSA concludes that the studies carried out on maize treated with thiamethoxam show an acute effect on bees.

In other words, can it guarantee that no other pesticide on the market endangers the lives of bees and hence the ecosystem on which we all depend? The winning company was registered on the Commercial Register only five days before the tendering date. The company in question has currently stopped supplying food despite already receiving part of the money it was due. Can the Commission specify whether it intends to verify the conditions under which the aforementioned tendering process took place? In response to the issues raised, the Honourable Member will be aware that, under the general rules of shared management which govern Agricultural Funds, Member States are responsible in the first instance for the implementation of agricultural measures, their audit and control, including the recovery of any unduly paid amounts.

In this framework the Member States also have a regulatory obligation to transmit detailed information on detected irregularities to the Commission within a certain time limit. The programme to which the Honourable Member refers falls under the shared management of Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission and the competent Romanian authorities. However, in this instance, the Commission has been informed by OLAF that the matter described has not been reported to it for examination.

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The Italian authorities have informed the European Commission that, due to the exceptional epidemiological situation and the high risk of the spread of African Swine Fever from Sardinia Italy to other regions, it would need additional support to ensure the implementation of the stipulated sanitary measures. Can the Commission specify whether it intends to impose measures to restrict the movement of pigs and pork products originating from Italy? The epidemiological situation is also discussed regularly at the meetings of the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health. According to European Commission officials quoted by the Romanian press, Romania is violating EU rules on import controls of food and animal feed.

The Romanian authorities were apparently recently informed of this through an official letter regarding the initiation of enforcement procedures, but this was not made public. According to sources cited by the press, the Romanian authorities would impose systematic controls and would require radioactivity level analysis reports for each wagon of salt from Ukraine, and only later would conclude the customs import formalities. Can the Commission specify exactly what Romania is being accused of in this respect? The Commission has started an infringement proceeding as regards Romania.

These are currently being applied fully or partially by nine Member States.